Zkousime abooouuut

It’s been a pleasure to welcome you on my personal page for whatever reason you got here!

I am a 23-y old girl, a university student of economy from Prague. A freelance project maker and a visionary undoubtedly.

Travelling…gosh. I travel when it’s essential. I have been living and working in 3 world countries while I always went alone and blindly. My first destination was London, Spanish Marbella the following year and then Hong Kong. Also, I did international hitchhiking from Prague-Gibraltar and back.

Yet, range of my hobbies is quite wide as I find interest and excitement in that many things!

Sport is one of my huge passions because I love to move. When not moving for a long time, I feel fat, immobile and stale. I constantly do running and fitness at some point.

I am a coffee addict, healthy food freak and chocolate obsessed (I eat healthy so that not feeling guilty by consuming tons of chocolate later). Too, I have a creative and artistic mind and so I am into design and fashion. That’s why I am currently working on establishing own fashion brand.

My sense of humour is weird and slightly sarcastic. Though the heart is (for sure) super pure inside. I like challenges, doing different and weird stuff time to time, appreciating small things and getting crazy when feeling like. Enjoying changes and stepping out of the comfort zone is crucial for me.

I am peoples’ diversity lover. They make all the difference.

Another interest is in personal development and motivation. Despite I wasn’t satisfied with my life and myself in general, this discipline changed my life in that case I needed to realise some important facts no one told to my dump mind before.

I wanna show people they can enjoy life. Since changing my mindset, I realised how beautiful life is as well as all the possibilities we have. I found kind of balance which helps to keep me genuinely happy.

Last but not least – don’t hesitate to contact me in case of questions, offers, doing something insane, travelling together, jumping from highest buildings together, flying to the moon and back, building a drone, praying in North Pole or arranging a meeting! 

Reach me at ss.ulmannova@gmail.com