As the title is mentioning, they say that the Three Valleys is the best, the highest and the largest european ski resort located in Savoie, France. There is over 600km of slopes available for skiing.


Apartments are quite expensive. We lived in Orelle which was just at the very end of the last valley and so was cheaper. Though it sometimes was a problem because we needed to make it for the last ski lift at 16.30 to get back from wherever in the 3 valleys we just were.


We downloaded a nice app for our phones called Val Thorens. It shows where exactly in the region you are and so you can find the place you need to go next in advance. It also counts how many kilometres did you ride per day and it sure has some other functions which I was no more interested in. The app helped me a lot when being lost because the resort is huge.



Weather was absolutely awesome for the whole week, sun was shining everyday and it wasn’t even cloudy. There only was no snow falling during our stay so we couldn’t do much freeride nearby the slopes.


We saw Mount Blanc. I wouldn’t have an idea this is a Mount Blanc without a telescope together with a picture placed there.


Everyone called it a magical cloud what appeared on our last day. In the morning, it’s been foggy down but when we reached the top with a ski lift, sun surrounded us. Throughout the day it changed its direction and it was constantly moving down.




For our last ride, we agreed that we will make it just in our swimwear. I think at least 15 out of almost 50 people said they were going. Nevertheless, when the moment for action came, some of us said we go up with a last lift to do the ride but sadly, no one else seemed they gonna do it. Our last lift to Orelle was almost closing so it’s been our last chance to go.


It ended up with just me and another girl going. We undressed when we reached the top, took few photos, talked with some of our supporters who either went with us or who were waiting for us to go down in our bikinis. It was not even cold but we were concerning about not falling mainly because the last thing we wanted was a snowy shower.

So that, it was very quick, spontaneous and we just went slowly down. Check out the video:

This experience was just awesome. Everyone who is in love with winter sports needs to try this naked adventure once in their lives. Next time it needs some special tricks. We might be less scared to swim in the snow so we can try some improvements for the ride to look cooler. And we are super healthy, we of course didn’t get cold or anything.

Huge thanks belongs to my sparing partner Martinka Valovicova, camera man Tomas Zanka who carried our things too and the perfect video editor, Adam Halbich. Thanks to our support team and everyone who participated. It was an extraordinary experience and our best ride so far.


There is a well-known apres ski bar called La Folie Douce. You can reach it with a ski lift called “Pioneers”. At about 15 pm or sooner there is a party where people are spraying champagne over each others’ heads and are dancing on the table. There is a very nice atmosphere but it’s better when you live somewhere nearby (Val Thorens) so that you don’t have problems about getting on the last ski lift.

Why I am I mentioning that is because some people (including me) took that risk and had problems later. Some ended up a bit worse and they needed to go from Val Thorens to Orelle by a car, paying the lowest possible fare of 260 Euros. Just a little party trip…


Also, there was another place with a live music called a 360° bar. A bit more decent, an ideal place to meet for a lunch. I always got some rice noodles with beef/chicken, a lot of fresh chilli and coriander with a sauce of choice (teriyaki, sweet and sour, thai curry or satay). They had some cheap and good wraps and soups too. It was so yummy so I ordered the same thing at least 5 times. The queue was always taking quite long and as soon as I got the food it just disappared in my stomach so I have never taken a photo.


As I have mentioned the last lift to Orelle few times already, let’s get, for a big success, back to that again. From the only point where there is the lift home, there is about 17km long road leading down to our apartment. It’s half covered with snow and half it’s just ground for doing some walking. Someone said that this route was not possible to ride for 11 years due to the lack of snow.

And yes, me and some other friends have been so interested to try this road out.


It of course was not allowed so after few kilometres there was a mountain guard reaching us, later telling that it is closed, there is no snow and no one is gonna rescue us if something happens. He said If we started, ok, he will let us finish but will follow us few kilometres and emphasised we cannot do this ever again.

I am very happy we went because it’s just a regular walk with friends with a bit heavier equipment on the back. We tried some shortcuts, saw some mountain houses, little ponds and enjoyed this frozen beauty during the sunset. This late workout was followed by an amazing dinner cooked by our friend waiting for us after the adventure.


This ski life is perfect to do once or more times per year. That much energy we released (and received) I didn’t give away for a long time. Just a little sleep each day but we had so much energy anyway.

Last but not least, the biggest thanks goes to my friend Radek Traub and his travel agency, „Cestujeme s Radkem“ who organised this trip for us. We really enjoyed it!

    • Nastia

      Wow! I love your pic in bicini on the snow! Wasn’t it too cold? :) I am planning to go to ski the next weekend, so it’s really inspiring post for me <3

      Únor 7th, 2016 20:45
      • Sabina

        Nastia, we thought we gonna freeze until we undressed. It was warm then 😀 It’s been a big fun, enjoy your ski weekend!!! :)

        Únor 9th, 2016 19:12
    • Vannia Enriquez

      I’ve never been skiing! I cant wait to try it. Thanks for the tips!

      Únor 8th, 2016 16:30
      • Sabina

        Thanks for your comment Vannia! You should try, winter sports are exciting and the mountain views are just gorgeous! :)

        Únor 9th, 2016 19:11
    • Steffii

      This place looks gorgeous. I love the snow but oh my goodness that would have been freezing in swimwear !!

      Únor 10th, 2016 0:04

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