Here comes the question: Is there any unique place where your celebration gets genuinely special?


The answer is straight. There is not. The occasion is made by a lot of small pieces fitting together. If you are not with the right group of people, one piece can already be missing no matter which place you have chosen.

Nevertheless, I got inspired a bit during our yesterday’s party so I want to share this little moment.

My decision was to spend the celebrations in my lovely home country in beautiful Prague.

When travelling by a tram with a bottle of sparkling wine that night, I met a family of three. Mum, dad and their little son. I sat next to them when they looked outside the window to all those fireworks which were already going on for few hours unstoppably. They looked at me after with a great smile wishing me a happy New Year.

I asked where they were from. They came from Switzerland. For the last 25 years, every year, they went to a different country to celebrate. Last time it was Germany, before Japan. We have been leaving a tram when I wanted to know which city they loved the most so far. They said it was Prague.

Well, I mean…that Prague thing might be quite cliché. My point is that they were together for a long time and they still kept this tradition going while wanting an unusual experience every single time by going to a different place.

I wish everyone an exceptional and happy New Year 2016! As all the goals you are aiming to achieve in this year are successfully accomplished.


    • Klara

      True story … you could be on the moon and still you would prefer to be with your beloved in your livingroom. ♡

      Leden 3rd, 2016 13:12
      • Sabina

        Always… you are right. No matter where you are, people make it special! :)

        Leden 11th, 2016 21:59

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