Koh Lanta is a small, about 27 km long island.


How to get there?

There are several ways how to get to the island. Personally, as a kinda backpacker and a solo traveller, I prefer the cheapest way. Solo travelling taught me to spend money for things I appreciate more (eg. the experience or food) over the time.

First of all, you usually arrive to the Krabi airport. I landed there at 1 am. When deciding about booking an accommodation, I booked one on the Koh Lanta Island for the first night. Later realising it’s a bit further from the airport and so there is no way how to get there at a time I arrived.


No matter what transportation you would have chosen, the first ferry to the island was going in the morning. They offered me a price of 500 Bahts for a taxi to get to a Krabi town. Option would be to stay there overnight which I refused. I’ve already had a different place booked.

Therefore, my decision was to take a nap on the airport with few other homeless people (read other backpackers) which surprisingly felt quite secure. When I woke up, I took a minibus to Krabi town for like 1/5 of the price of a taxi and from there a ferry to the island. Journey was quite long, especially that ferry ride was taking almost 3 hours. After arriving to the port, there are hundred tuk-tuks waiting to hunt people to get them to the hotel.


On a ferry. Full of backpackers.

After your trip, to get back, your hotel/hostel/bungalow or a nearby travel agency can book a minivan for you. It is the cheapest and easiest way to get to back the airport. It costs 500 Bahts.

Exploring the island

Thai people are very friendly. Finally, what a difference from China!


When I decided to explore some hidden places, I went deeper down the roads and there I saw this house. I went around. That lady was looking at me exactly like this, slightly smiling without movement.

The island is easily and best travelled by a motorbike. There is almost nowhere to get lost as it is just one main road there. Motorbikes are cheap. It costs something about 100 Bahts/day. Petrol being sold in small bottles lining the roads for 40 Bahts/l or you can buy it a bit cheaper in some small petrol stations.


Riding. You don’t have many places to get lost so you just enjoy a free ride and explore. Such freedom.


 Just pretending meditation. But it is a thing you wanna do during this sunset.

There are many different beaches, local restaurants and bars around. You can also see few things including waterfalls or the old town. Not to mention the parties. It was a lot of them. Full moon, half moon, quater moon, everything moon parties. And I met so many solo travellers!


One of their many beaches.

For the cashpoints, if I remember correctly, they were charging 200 Bahts for a single withdrawal so I rather recommend to have enough cash with you.


Thai cuisine contains a mix of all the spices (sweet, sour, salty and spicy). They like to combine the opposite tastes. What I tried and loved was eating some fruits (eg. pomelo or mango) with a chilli sugar or salt. This makes an amazing contrast for your taste buds. There is a lot of cheap seafood to try. I tried some soups – the most famous is, I would say, the Tom Yum soup – spicy soup with seafood. I had some only-noodle-eating mood at that time so I couldn’t stop eating many different variations of a Pad Thai.


Chicken Pad Thai. Just a bit oily but delicious. Was very cheap too, I paid 80 Bahts.


Breakfast at a place I was staying at. Pad Thai. This time with an egg on a top of it. And some street food.


A sweet rice dessert.

jidloAnother street food. It mainly is different types of meat. Vendors said that the angry birds in the middle is a chicken.


…and so we tried some spicy chicken. There was a sweet and sour sauce going with that.


What a visit this would be without trying a proper thai massage! I’ve already had one in Spain from a thai lady before but that one was horrible. I was generally in pain few days after. Even though people say that this is how it’s supposed to feel like, this pain was definitely not the one.

Here, a full body thai massage cost me 300 Bahts/h. There naturally was some pain, it has to be! The lady kept stretching all parts of my body. Nevertheless, this was how I imagined it should feel like. My body could move easily afterwards even though feeling it a bit but I was in an amazing state. It was a wonderful and relaxing experience.


And then… after the massage… I found this net. Would you ever leave this place? I admit it gets boring after some time but I really enjoyed to relax with some beers… just like that.


For sportsmen, there were some boxing lessons, yoga lessons and a gym too. I also went running to the beach in the early morning meeting many other runners.

Trips to the other islands

There is a little travel agency on every corner. I was considering booking a trip on the internet in advance but it’s better to decide and to book here.

Hidden garden tree place with a beach next to that.

This island has a bit of everything. I loved the choice. If you want to party, you can go party, If you wanna relax, you can just relax. As I was discussing the island with other people, everyone said the same. Koh Lanta is a piece of everything. Phi Phi is just a party. Phuket is not that beautiful. 4 island are nice, everyone loved diving there but you can only go there for a trip.

Place to stay

When booking a place to live, I picked something what looked very natural on the photos. I always wished to feel like being in a jungle when living on the island.

This placed filled my idea of this. It was an open space. There were no real walls or roof, cats being all around jumping on your thighs, making a great mess during the night. Bed canopies like for a princess were used as mosquito nets. Without them it’s impossible to sleep there because the insects were incredibly thirsty.


This was a shared bedroom I was staying at. Looks like for a princess but in reality…if I want to sleep with that many animals..I may consider going to the ZOO next time.

bungalowBungalows. This is a place I would recommend staying next time. Those ones were nice, cheap and there were a lot of solo travellers too. People working there were warm, welcoming and amazing.

Overal, there are not many things to do there. It’s though an island. The atmosphere is comforting and for a short term visit, it was a perfect place to relax and clear your head.

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    • Dana Gibbs

      Love this! Sharing on Pinterest :)

      Leden 16th, 2016 2:56
      • Sabina

        Oh, I really appreciate that!!

        Leden 16th, 2016 18:30
    • Zascha Friis

      I’m off to Koh Lanta later this year – I’m a first time visitor as well and I’m so looking forward to it. Thanks for explaining how to get to the island, I was gonna look into that :)

      Leden 16th, 2016 7:48
      • Sabina

        If you like an island life, you will like this one I swear! :) Transportation made me huge problems. Going back to the airport, the last minivan went at 4 pm and my flight was 9 am the other day… 😀

        Leden 16th, 2016 18:34
    • Derek Cullen

      Oh my, that bungalow looks awesome. I had not planned on heading down there but this is making me reconsider lol

      Leden 16th, 2016 13:11
      • Sabina

        Yes, you definitely should haha. I haven’t made it to much other places in Thailand so far but people I met have really been most satisfied with staying in Koh Lanta comparing the island to the other places :)

        Leden 16th, 2016 18:32
    • Gala

      I love your images!
      I’m planning a trip to Thailand later this year and I find it difficult to choose THE perfect island. But I’ve heard very good things about Koh Lanta!

      Thanks for this post!

      X Gala

      Leden 16th, 2016 19:07
      • Sabina

        Thanks for your comment! Koh Lanta is just everything… very, very nice place. You can lie in some of those nets (as on the photo with my legs above :D) with one of your amazing pairs of bikini and you will be an absolute star there! :)

        Leden 18th, 2016 0:11
    • Arzo Travels

      The pictures are stunning! I love the scenery and the details of them. Thanks for the very useful information, I relay enjoyed the post

      Leden 17th, 2016 1:41
      • Sabina

        And this is even just a small choice of all the photos, the place is just the one you want to take pictures everywhere. Sun, palm trees, beaches.. :) Thank you!

        Leden 18th, 2016 0:19
    • Blonde on the road

      How nice pictures and article. The images really made me want to go there and…eat all that you tasted =) And I really liked the clean and simple graphic of your blog=) Followed you on SU =)

      Leden 17th, 2016 1:46
      • Sabina

        It was sooo much delicious food there. And how cheap it was… you wish to eat until you blow up, haha!! :) That is very nice from you!! Thank you, I really appreciate that :)

        Leden 18th, 2016 0:16
    • Lydia

      Amazing pictures! I wanna go to Thailand so bad now!

      Leden 17th, 2016 15:48
      • Sabina

        Lovely from you! I am sure you will make time for a visit when you will fell like doing so one day! :)

        Leden 18th, 2016 0:20
    • Florine

      Hi Sabina! Thank you for your beautiful pictures and very complete post! For sure, next time I’m in Thailand, I need to go to Koh Lanta! Have you tried Koh Phi Phi? I would be curious to know if you prefered any one of them.

      Leden 18th, 2016 8:44
      • Sabina

        Florine, thanks a lot for your comment! I have almost been buying a trip to Koh Phi Phi but I needed to deal with some unexpected problems so I sadly couldn’t go. People who I talked to there said it’s just for a night to go party and preferred other places around more :))

        Leden 19th, 2016 0:59
    • Steffii

      Thailand is beautiful! Definitely a must see place and the affordability is a big plus!

      Únor 10th, 2016 0:09

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