Recent days, it’s been few things on my list that needed to get done. To say nothing of there is always something that needs to complete. Tasks vary from very small things like buying bananas for your roommate because you have eaten them recently to finishing a large scale project.

In this article (and one or two upcoming others as this topic is quite wide), I will introduce you to my life organising philosophy. These techniques I apply for working, studying or any other day tasks. As the title says…well, you might won’t smash your TDL but it won’t get you pointlessly crazy anymore.

I used to procrastinate a lot earlier until I adapted processes that suit my life needs. I’ve certainly made my time economy much more effective during the time. It though was and still is trying new methods which for now completed a perfect time management plan out of all. Those points listed are mainly based on a psychological setting basis needed for a start to realise general stuff. The next article will include more practical tips, too.

 First, have a good reason why you do something. For a task, you usually need motivation. You go to buy bananas because you will make your roommate happy to get some fruits (positive motivation) but she will be angry and shout at you If you won’t go buy it thus you have eaten them and she didn’t receive new ones (negative motivation). I won’t further be decomposing positive and negative motivations, regardless here, just know why you do what you do and who you do it for. Why you work at a place you do? Is it only because you need money to survive? Is it mainly because of the experience and it keeps your career moving forward? Because of the team you work with? Also consider what sense does the task make to you and what are you willing to gain from that.


I had a problem with school motivation but I tried to realise why do I study. For horrible subjects, I accidentally picked some nice teachers from a real world of practice which makes getting some knowledge interesting no matter what the subject is set to be about. I like real life issues rather than theory and in this case I try to link it now together. It’s cool to still have your brain in process by learning new things though.

2. Have long term goals. It’s common to have a vision for 5-10 years ahead in minimum. Some of your goals might change because your life changes. You meet a person who can change whole your life vision quickly so that you suddenly start wanting to overcome something different. This is absolutely natural I would say. Nevertheless, goals are very important as they help you to find some kind of rope when you feel lost just because of some life fail. You need to remember how far you have already come and where does all your effort lead.

3. Specify your short term goals. Make a year and month goals to know where are you going so that it doesn’t happen you get out of the path and won’t, for example, forget about important stuff like you wanted to go to Canada in July but have forgotten to make visas or whatever. And then plan your weeks and single days.

4. Build an inner integrity so that inappropriate things from outside won’t affect your motivation. Haters always gonna hate. People always will discourage you. Those who are not satisfied with themselves usually will let you down. It’s easy to say that you should surround yourself with good people. Though this is a longer issue for me as I’ve usually been living somewhere else recent years until I finally am satisfied with a circle of people I make around. Try to spend majority of your time with those who bring some joy and value to your life, not the ones that suck your energy out.


5. Don’t be over motivated. Just like it seems natural to you. You have to get most out of all the routes you are overcoming. Remember balance – work, family, hobbies and others that are important to you. Don’t be like a machine that feels like it has to get something done no matter what the price is (this is my case sometimes, that’s why I am mentioning this one, haha). This is way too much pressure for you and for the surrounding as well and much destructive than a productive way of accomplishing anything.

6. Don’t just be concentrated on the aim itself. The trail is the one that needs to get you excited for the goal to be fun. You should be also happy from seeing little steps and getting closer to the main target.

7. Work hard but not too hard. Work smartly. Consider Mr. Pareto’s rule 20/80. Find out which of your 20% activities lead to the 80% outcome and try to mainly concentrate on them.

8. Get some rest and spend time with people you love. I can’t stress more the importance of this point. (!!!) Get sleep. See Arianna Huffington and her The Sleep Revolution book connected to her health problems due to not having enough sleep or watch her little TED Talk here.

9. Don’t aim to do 1000 tasks at once. Even if you possibly could do that. Thus, here comes the quality over quantity mode. Multitasking is on of the things I’m trying to cure from as I always love to be busy. When you have a lot, I mean really a lot on your shoulders and you do not delegate, the tasks are becoming less effectively done if you concentrate on hundreds of them. There are experts on specific topics or even your friends that can help you with something. In other words, when you are not fulfilling your work properly, you are, on the other hand, loosing your motivation because there are things that are not finished but need to be and the others can lack quality. And your to do list happily grows until reaching the sky.

Well, this is some general stuff listed that I try to do for productivity. Hope some of those help to improve your habits if you need it because for me, they are essential as I sometimes fight with some inefficient manners as the life moves. Let me know whether you are working the same way or something totally different works for your getting-things-done mode.

Stay tuned for another part of list with cool tips. Cheers!

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