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Tips to explore the Koh Yao Yai island in Thailand

Turistically unspoilt? Just partly. The sweet escape? Yes, but also only partly. Let's get this all clear. Are you ready to go through the Koh Yao Yai island review? -> Authenticity. There is a real Thai authenticity when seeing people living in their wooden or bricks’ made houses, children driving scooters themselves or their mothers driving them to the local school. There is a jungle where no tourists have ever stepped. The...

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Why do I have Orgasmic Needs to Travel and Lessons I’ve learned through Travelling

I am a university student and It’s been a start of a new semester this week. In one of the courses teacher asked us to introduce ourselves. I can’t think of a person who wouldn’t mention travelling as his crucial hobby. What the hell there is with constantly moving from one place to another! Every wanderlust becomes so addicted once they start to wander around globe. Despite travel is such...

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The best ski resort in Europe: Les Trois Vallées

GENERAL AND APARTMENTS As the title is mentioning, they say that the Three Valleys is the best, the highest and the largest european ski resort located in Savoie, France. There is over 600km of slopes available for skiing. Apartments are quite expensive. We lived in Orelle which was just at the very end of the last valley and so was cheaper. Though it sometimes was a problem because we needed to...

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Koh Lanta is a small, about 27 km long island. How to get there? There are several ways how to get to the island. Personally, as a kinda backpacker and a solo traveller, I prefer the cheapest way. Solo travelling taught me to spend money for things I appreciate more (eg. the experience or food) over the time. First of all, you usually arrive to the Krabi airport. I landed...

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19 facts about Hong Kong

There is a lot to do in Hong Kong. It is a pulsing city. From a gourmet tour through variety of restaurants to beaches, temples or never ending parties. HK has a lot to offer. In this article I picked few interesting facts for you. 1. Hiking. There are many hiking trails and nice places to go and see. Amazing views and a lot of sporty groups to join. Your friends,...

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Hong Kong – living, working, visiting!

Since my kind of 'travelling' included living life as a local each time, I can share the basic questions some people asked me and those I have been dealing with at the beginning. Knowing nothing but I wanted to go somewhere abroad again, I decided to go to Hong Kong blindly. There were few reasons leading to my decision of choosing this city though. First of all, I was like...

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