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Why do I have Orgasmic Needs to Travel and Lessons I’ve learned through Travelling

I am a university student and It’s been a start of a new semester this week. In one of the courses teacher asked us to introduce ourselves. I can’t think of a person who wouldn’t mention travelling as his crucial hobby. What the hell there is with constantly moving from one place to another! Every wanderlust becomes so addicted once they start to wander around globe. Despite travel is such...

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The best place to spend the New Year’s Eve

Here comes the question: Is there any unique place where your celebration gets genuinely special? The answer is straight. There is not. The occasion is made by a lot of small pieces fitting together. If you are not with the right group of people, one piece can already be missing no matter which place you have chosen. Nevertheless, I got inspired a bit during our yesterday’s party so I want to share...

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