There is a lot to do in Hong Kong. It is a pulsing city. From a gourmet tour through variety of restaurants to beaches, temples or never ending parties. HK has a lot to offer.

In this article I picked few interesting facts for you.


1. Hiking. There are many hiking trails and nice places to go and see. Amazing views and a lot of sporty groups to join. Your friends, facebook groups or can work to find like-minded enthusiasts.

2. Markets. Ladies market, Night market, Stanley market, markets everywhere. Brace yourself to deal prices with those  shopkeepers.


Sham Shui Po market

3. Umbrellas everywhere. Every time. In summer as a protection from the sun.

4. Hong Kong is a safe city. Feeling safe is one of the basic human needs. It is though one of the reasons why I loved living in this city. I haven’t been used to that from previous travelling. You can be out in morning hours and you usually are not meeting any weird folks. You lose something and so it’s highly possible you will find it at a place you left it (or you might not, bump).


5. Crowds. Slow people. Fun comes when you are already running late for a meeting and you have to speed up in the streets. Bit of practise, good strategy and less snails on the way can help you to keep moving. It’s a pain in the ass sometimes so patience is needed here. On some holy hours like at 6.30 pm when everyone is coming from work, I once let pass 7 MTR trains to finally enter.


This is a photo from the MTR. Which way is the quickest?

6. Monsoon rains. Typhoons. The main rainy period is during summer. On a grade they have 3 scaled rains. Amber, red and black rain – from the lightest to the heaviest. When it starts to rain, it is raining few days in a row. Typhoons depend on a signal announced by the government. I experienced few 8th grade signals when all the shops have been closing for safety.

7. Humidity. Weather is hot and wet during summer.  Fist time I arrived, I couldn´t breathe through the air density. Everyone was sticky. When walking few minutes with a bit of speed, you were all sweat. Air-conditioning is a need everywhere during summer time. December started to be quite cold which is more comfortable than that hotness.

8. Food. To be honest, I am not a typical fan of Cantonese cuisine. I’m a picky freak here. It’s usually some soups, rice, noodles, fish, meat, some vegetables cooked in their heavy woks and oily flavours. I am not very familiar with fried and a lot of flavoured sauce everywhere. But of course, some dishes are delicious. What I love is dim-sum! Their steamed buns are very filling and delicious. Hong Kong has a great range of restaurants so everyone will be satisfied.

I prefer Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Mexican so I mainly searched for these.

Dim sum

This was our favourite local dim sum place in Water Street opening at 3 am. 

IMG_3937 2Vietnamese nutritious Phở bò soup which I was eating all the time in HK.

9. Large exhibitions. There is a Convention and Exhibition centre or an Asia-Expo centre. They are huge and there is a lot of thematic exhibitions for discovering new goods, contacts or possibly showing your own products. I checked some fashion exhibitions and restaurant and bar exhibition.

10. Animal parties. You can go for a party to the main areas – Lan Kwai Fong (ladies night on Thu) or Wan Chai (ladies night on Wed). I can’t remember the last time I was partying like a wild beast. Here I found myself partying until 9 am still having plenty of energy for another round. Pity that clubs are closed already.

lan kwai

11. Beaches. Wide range. Fairytale ones, crowded ones, picque-nique ones.

12. People are shy. English level is low. Their shy nature took me some time to get used to as people have been running away when I started speaking to them. As well, for HK being a former british colony, I expected a good level of English. Not true at all. Younger ones do speak more. The older people are afraid. Indeed, they speak with their specific accent.

13. Dried seafood stalls. They love their dried seafood, mushrooms, fruits or anything they can make dry. When drying, they put food into the street so you can easily step on those when making your way.


14. Skyscrapers. Views. Either you go to a rooftop bar or you just appear in any of these high buildings for whatever reason, the views are magical.

15. Galactic rents. Small rooms. 2-in-1 bathrooms. Capsules. Incredibly expensive rents for micro spaces. Sometimes next to the toilet there is a shower so you can do both activities at once (kidding…but…why not to try).

16. DIY heaven. Fabrics and jewellery stuff. For whoever who is creative (I am) this is the place!


17. Rooftops. Junk boats. There is usually something happening on someones’ rooftop. Also, junk boat is a party boat concept here. You depart in the morning with a group of people being all day on the boat with drinks and food.


You go nearby to an island where the boat stops so you have some time to do funny mess like jumping, sliding, wake-boarding or trying a banana boat.

118. Good-looking men. Last but not least, I have to note this point. As I agreed on that with few more people, it is not only me seeing smartly dressed, quite well-build men with casual hairstyles. The fact is that a lot of people here are cheaters. This is nothing surprising but I didn’t find people changing their second half of an orange that often as here before.

19. Hard workers. People work hard and usually very long hours.

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    • Vanessa Raphael

      Very interesting article. Love the DIY part! :)

      Leden 11th, 2016 8:13
      • Sabina

        Thank you! I couldn’t get enough of all those DIY possibilities. So many amazing shops where you could get anything! :)

        Leden 11th, 2016 21:54
    • Rose Sahetapy

      These are great trip, especially for those who plan to go to Hongkong.

      Leden 11th, 2016 15:25
      • Sabina

        Thank you! Yes, hope it can be useful or informative for those who are interested in the country! I would appreciate some tips as well before I went 😀

        Leden 11th, 2016 21:56
    • Klara

      Love the bathroom system 😀 (I would not try it, but the idea is somehow very interesting)

      Leden 11th, 2016 16:58
      • Sabina

        Haha I have been making fun from that all that time, I’m sad I actually didn’t try it in the end. What a time management! 😀

        Leden 11th, 2016 21:56
    • Juraj

      Very nice article. I can just recommend HK for those who do not want to dive in the real Chinese experience, cause yet HK is more European than Chinese. 😉

      Leden 12th, 2016 6:58
      • Sabina

        Jurys, thanks a lot!!! Yes exactly, good to mention this point! I totally agree as it is still influenced by GB and there are a lot of expats living so the culture is a bit mixed :)

        Leden 12th, 2016 23:49
    • Filipe

      7 MTRs before finally getting in ? That’s crazy ! I actually felt bad for barely exploring all the options when it comes to the food in HK. I loved the food, but I guess there was so much more I could have tried. Big fan of Dim Sum, but it didn’t help to have amazing vietnamese food EVERYWHERE :)

      Leden 16th, 2016 4:01

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